Kacchi Biriyani (Full)

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Kacchi biriyani is a type of biriyani made with raw marinated meat (chicken, beef, goat, or fish) layered with partially cooked rice and spices. The dish is then cooked on low heat until the meat is fully cooked and the flavors are well combined. We supply the kacchi biriyani from Hazi Biriyani restaurant, Rajibpur bazar. They maintain their food quality.

1 review for Kacchi Biriyani (Full)

  1. riadronju (verified owner)

    খুব দ্রুত ডেলিবারি পেয়েছি,,,খাবারের মান অনেক ভালো,,,কিন্তু প্যাকেজিং আরো উন্নত করা দরকার

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